Month: August 2018

Facebook Changes the Rules for Page Admins

Facebook Changes the Rules for Page Admins

With the midterm elections just around the corner and in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal Facebook is making it harder for fake accounts to administer pages.  Facebook announced changes to the rules for page admins on pages with large US followings to ensure there isn’t interference this time around.  If you manage a large page you may be forced to verify and secure your account.

The Verification Process

If you are an admin for a page you may get a notification at the top of your news feed that will let you know you need to verify your account.  The whole process is supposed to only take a few minutes to get through.  The verification process is optional, however if you refuse to verify your account which includes verifying your locations then you will no longer be able to add content to your pages.   The verification doesn’t apply to personal pages, they have their own verification system in place but it can apply to business or fan pages and you will definitely see it roll out to pages with political content.

Once a page admin agrees to go through the verification process they will be told what they need to do and why this is necessary.  In order to make your account secure they will be using two-factor authentication.  Two-factor authentication means that you will not only need the login and password information but you will also have to input a code that is associated with a phone number or email related to that account.  This is also to prevent hacking of these large page accounts.  It is a practice that anyone can also implement to their personal accounts.  Here is how two factor authentication works.

Your Location

In addition to the two factor authentication you are also going to have to verify your location, that will be set as the primary location for the page and it will show up in the Page Info tab that the company introduced earlier.   When a visitor goes to your Page Info tab they will see the list of admins and the countries that they are from.  In another tab, the History Tab it will show if the page has been merged with another page anytime in the past.  This is expected to roll out throughout August and begin with large US based pages.  Instagram will shortly follow suit.


After the discovery of large pages and groups being linked back to Russia in an effort to influence the election Facebook has continually taken steps to make pages and accounts that much more secure.  They also want their users to know who they are interacting with and where they are from in the effort to increase authenticity.

An Aerial Drone with a GoPro Gives You Endless Photographic Possibilities

An Aerial Drone with a GoPro Gives You Endless Photographic Possibilities

Ever since drones have been commercially available to consumers photographers have been using them for some incredible pictures.  They have been used in all kinds of applications like making movies, an overview of a sporting event and some really good landscape photography.  You can use a drone to get almost anywhere incredible fast.  This makes them ideal for sporting events where the action is pretty quick.  Movie studios have been using them to get high shots or shots that they normally couldn’t take.  Combining an aerial drone with a GoPro gives you endless photographic possibilities.

Hard to Reach Locations

One of the best features of drone photography is the fact that they can be used to take pictures or video in hard to reach location.  They have been used by news stations to video traffic jams and aerial shots of events like protests.  News and television stations have been used to deliver higher quality content to their audiences.  Real estate agents even use them to take 3D pictures of houses as they go through and around the house.  Simple photos just don’t work anymore, people want more.  Good photography can be the difference between your listing sitting for months or being sold quickly.  The practical applications for drone photography are virtually unlimited.

Choosing the Right Camera

There are very few locations that are inaccessible with a drone, now you need the right camera to get the shot.  While GoPro is a popular camera there are different cameras that you can use depending on the type of shot that you want.  Some are better equipped to deal with low light and have heat and night visions if you are looking to grab a shot at night.  There are still some that allow you to zoom in further if you are trying to shoot something on the ground while staying above the trees.  There are tons of cameras that you can choose from that are built to use with a drone, or you can customize them to suit the type of shot that you need.

Drones have improved a lot in the past couple of years and now they can hover fairly stably.  If you combine that with a great camera then you have everything you need to take a great picture.  All of the abilities and features that you now get with a drone can create some pretty amazing results.  It is not just photographers that can make use of this technology, there are plenty of practical business applications that it can work with too.