The EditorWe live in an age where a 6-year-old with a laptop and a copy of iMovie can edit some footage together. Editing software is abundant and as easy to use as it has ever been, and the masses are using these tools to flood the internet with copious amounts of video content. But most of us can agree that simply being able to make edits does not necessarily make a person an editor, at least in the sense of the editing being a creative art form. However, it’s sometimes not clear what exactly an experienced editor can do, and what impact they can have on the final product of a film. Inside the Edit, a brand new online editing course, has put together a short video that demystifies the complexity of an editor’s job. (more…)

How to Create Videos That People Will Love and Share [Creator's Tip #137]The new YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands is packed with invaluable information for content creators and marketers. In this weeks Creator’s Tip, we take a look at section two, which guides brands on the fundamentals of content creation and marketing.

Apple is one company that produces great videos for its products. Having videos like that displaying your products or simply just advertising your business can make a big difference for making your videos look more processional. Now even you can create amazing videos with nice white as snow background and crystal clear quality images.

Here’s how to make your videos look more professional using some very simple, and also affordable, equipment. This video shows you how you can start making your own videos at home, and what you need to get a good professional video.

There are numerous videos that can be found in the Internet. Once in a while you come across a great one and want to save. You mark it as your favorite so that you can enjoy it later.

But what if the owner delete the videos?

The only safe way to keep the Internet video to yourself is to download these video and store them on your computer.

But not all popular sites like YouTube offer download service to users.

So what if you don’t have permission to download these online videos? Is there any way you can download them?

There are software out there to help you out!

These software are able to capture videos from Internet. These powerful yet simple-to-use program can capture desktop activities and create videos files. You may play your favorite Internet videos and then let this software record it for you.

It can then generate video, flash-based demos, or LMS (learning management system) compatible packages as you need.

Some of these even come with built-in editing tools that enable you to add notes or add effects.

So the next time you prepare for a presentation or are doing some research work, use these tools to capture popular videos from the Internet to help you out.

Essential equipment that you need for digital video production…

Digital Video Camcorder

you need some way of capturing the video, and that’s why you need a camcorder. But, depending on your needs, you may use a smartphone as well nowadays (most come with good recording capabilities). There are several different types of video cameras & camcorders available, or you may even go in for a mobile computer/smartphone with good video recording capabilities.

Digital Video Editing Software

This is the where you polish your video, edit it, add titles, make color correction, and so on.
You even get free software like iMovie and Movie Maker, which are quite good for most home purposes. If you want more control & features, you may consider more expensive video editing software.

DVD Burner

DVDs are still in use today, despite the popularity of internet and other video sharing sites. This is an additional way to share your digital video production with others, and so you should consider getting a DVD Burner. Most new computers come with DVD burners included, if not, you may need to buy an external burner.

External Hard Drive

Video files can be huge, and if you make a lot of videos, your computer’s hard drive may not be sufficient. If you’re doing a lot of video editing, you’ll require an external hard drive to store those large video files.

Camcorder Microphone

Again, this is not a necessity for most home or amateur videos (most video cameras come with built-in mic), but if you’re working on a professional digital video production, a pro-quality, external microphone will give you far superior quality sound.

Video Tripod

Almost all pro-videographer’s own a video tripod, but even hobby videographers can benefit greatly from a good video tripod. Be it for holding your cell phone steady or a heavy-duty HD camera, a video tripod is an excellent accessory. For longer shoots, its easier to keep the camera on the tripod, then to hold it with your hands or on your shoulders.

Video Bag

When it comes to transporting your video equipment, that includes your camera and accessories (and even tripod), you can have several things to carry. A good video bag makes it easy to organize your accessories, makes it easy to carry all your stuff around, and also protects your expensive gear.

video production jobs

Most get attracted towards video production (at least initially) because it looks like a very creative field (compared to other jobs) and because many see it as a stepping stone towards doing something big (making a movie someday).

But the good thing is that a career in this line of work can actually be financially rewarding as well. The number of jobs in this field has been growing steadily in the last few years and is expected to grow at a faster-than-average rate in the next few years as well.

Video production involves the creation and editing of videos (television commercials, documentaries, movies). Here are the more popular role that people play in this industry.


They are also known as video camera operators, and as the name suggests, they shoot videos/movies. Experienced Videographers are comfortable shooting in a variety of different genres.

As far as employment is concerned, video camera operators are required in TV stations, movie studios, and even news media to record newsworthy events.

Usually employers prefer candidates with both creativity and a strong technical knowledge of the industry (most prefer at least a bachelor’s degree). Extensive travel may be required as part of the job description.

Video Editors

Once the video footage has been captured, it needs to be edited, and that is where Video Editors come into picture. A video editor plays an important role in shaping up the final product, and needs to have a good understanding of the various editing tools available (in addition to film-making).

Most TV stations & movie studios hire video editors with good experience, creativity and preferably a bachelor’s degree.


Producers main responsibility is to help in getting a project executed. They help set up shoots in various locations, and in some cases may be required to keep a track of the expenses (to ensure the project finishes within the planned budget).

An executive or senior producer has more responsibility and makes more important decisions than a junior or associate producer within the video production industry.

So some producers may also make decisions regarding camera angles during filming. Some producers may perform basic editing functions as well, and some make key editing decisions during the post-production process.

Lot of video producers work as freelancers, but if you were to look for a job, you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in film or multimedia production. Most position require producers to have a few years of experience as well, in addition to the degree.

Multimedia Specialist

Video production is not just about making movies, there’s lot of demand for TV commercials and even educational videos (mode and more educational institutes are using videos as part of their curricula). That is where Multimedia specialists play an important role; these specialists work with video, audio, graphics and other forms of visual communication.

Most Multimedia specialists usually have an an associate’s degree in fields such as as computer graphics or film production.

To Conclude

These are the more popular video production jobs available to you, if you want to get a break in this industry. If you have experience, you can even work as a freelancer by leveraging on your contacts.